Alex555 (alex555) wrote,

Juno - and other weather systems

The news at the beginning of the week was full of dire predictions of record snowfalls blanketing New York as Juno worked its way up the east coast, with cities closing early and transit systems in shutdown togerther with travel bans for Tuesday. As it happened, Boston seems to have borne the brunt and elsewhere got off lightly. Here in Cambridge we had a very light dusting which may have come from the very edge of that system and that was that.
Today we are expecting snow from the west - an Alberta clipper has been making its way towards us and snow was forecast from 0900, though more was expected for the evening rush hour. As the town hall clock was striking 9 it did start to snow - but stopped almost immediately. Rob has a PD day tomorrow so it looks as though the timing for a snow day is a bit adrift...  
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